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Les enseignements de l'analyse de 36 000 projets d'OSS | Communiqué de presse

Webinar: Exploring the 2019 DevSecOps Survey Results

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2019 DevSecOps Survey: Hear What 5,500 DevOps Pros Told Us

We surveyed over 5,500 DevOps pros in 2019 and shared those results with the community on March 28, 2019. 
Whether you are part of a DevSecOps Elite organization or just starting on your DevSecOps journey download this webinar where we discuss, analyze, and debate the results.  
Explore with us:
  • How often do DevSecOps teams deploy changes to production?
  • Do DevSecOps teams experience fewer breaches?
  • Does automated security help or hinder developer performance? 

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Derek Weeks
Derek Weeks
Vice-président et porte-parole DevOps, Sonatype
Design sans titre (27)
Brian Dawson
Évangéliste DevOps, CloudBees
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