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Les enseignements de l'analyse de 36 000 projets d'OSS | Communiqué de presse

Nexus Lifecycle Foundation

Identify open source risk in your applications.

Foundation-IT Central Award


Create Customized Policies

Create custom security, license, and architectural policies based on application type or organization to automatically identify software risk.

Integrates with Your Favorite Pipeline Tools

Integrates with existing CI/CD pipeline tools to identify risk.

Automatically Generate a Software Bill of Materials

A precise software bill of materials (SBoM) tells you everything you need to know about open source risk and third party dependencies.

Eliminate Risk with Expert Remediation Guidance

When new vulnerabilities are disclosed, our world class security research team immediately validates the exploit path, identifies the root cause, and delivers actionable information to your frontline software developers so they can rapidly remediate risk and keep your organization safe.

View Trends Related to Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

Demonstrate risk reduction to senior management with a report that shows violation trends over time and how quickly they are being remediated.


“We have seen a return on our investment. In some cases, where we've needed to find out the footprint of a certain library across our enterprise, we've been able to do that research in seconds or minutes, rather than long, drawn-out processes with people and teams involved to hunt it down through source code and the like.”

- R. Webster (Financial Services), IT Central Station Review

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Découvrez pourquoi il est primordial de disposer de données précises pour sécuriser le code open source.

Learn how open source exploits work and get expert guidance on how to remediate risk.
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Take a test drive or our data and see for yourself if there are vulnerabilities lurking in your application

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