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Inside the “fallguys” malware that steals your browsing data and gaming IMs; Continued attack on open source software

This weekend a report emerged of mysterious npm malware stealing sensitive information from Discord apps and web browsers installed on a user’s machine.

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From Prototype Pollution to full-on remote code execution, how can adversaries exploit npm modules?

The NodeJS component express-fileupload - touting 7 million downloads from the npm registry -  now has a critical Prototype Pollution vulnerability.

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apache tomcat vulnerability

Nexus Intelligence Insights:CVE-2020-13935 - Apache Tomcat Websocket - Denial of Service (DoS)

For July’s Nexus Intelligence Insight we take a deep dive into a Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability impacting the popular Apache Tomcat Websocket component.

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Nexus Intelligence Insights: xlsx aka SheetJS - Regular Expression Denial of Service (ReDoS) and sonatype-2018-0622

For this month’s Nexus Intelligence Insights, we explore an interesting case of ReDoS vulnerability impacting the popular npm component, SheetJS, also known as “xlsx”. It may pique your interest

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Nexus Intelligence Insights: Protect Your Bitcoin from 700+ Malicious RubyGems with sonatype-2020-0196

Last week news broke about how 700 typosquatting libraries had made their way into the famous RubyGems repository. The complete list, first published by Reversing Labs, reveals how crafty

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Spring Web

Nexus Intelligence Insights: CVE-2019-3773 Spring Web Services XML External Entity Injection (XXE)

Spring, a widely used component, makes programming multiple things in Java easier, faster, and safer. The project’s focus on speed, simplicity, and productivity has made it one of the world's most

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Nexus Intelligence Insights: What's in a Ghostcat? CVE-2020-1938 Apache Tomcat - Local File Inclusion Potentially Leads to RCE

For this month’s Nexus Intelligence Insights, let’s dive deep into the popular Ghostcat vulnerability making headlines recently.

This vulnerability deserves attention as it impacts the widely used

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Nexus Intelligence Insights: Sonatype-2020-0003 - npm malicious package 1337qq-js

Happy New Year! Nexus Intelligence Insights is back with an open source component vulnerability that turns out to be not so bad after all. 

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Nexus Intelligence Insights: CVE-2018-5382 Bouncycastle Information Exposure

For our last Nexus Intelligence Insight of 2019, we'll cover a component vulnerability discovered in a not-so-happy accident that appears far more dangerous than the researcher had previously

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Nexus Intelligence Insights Sonatype-2017-0312: jackson-databind, The End of the Blacklist

For our October Nexus Intelligence Insight we will return to a very popular component that has been both a blessing and a curse to developers around the world. We’ll cover a fundamental change to

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Nexus Intelligence Insights CVE-2019-15753: OpenStack (os-vif), Denial of Service & Information Exposure

Our news feeds are filled with reports of malicious attacks on open source code at the project source, most of which are bad actors leveraging code bases for their own gain. While we're taking

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